Choose bulk order when you want to order more than one article.

Step 1:

Click on the “Place bulk order” option in the “New order” page. On the next page you will be shown two choices.

Step 2:

Select “Manual” for orders which require less than 10 articles and “CSV” for orders which require more than 10 articles to be written.

To go back to the previous page click “Cancel” .

Step 3:

“Manual” option

To enter the details for the second article. click “Add one more order”. This shows all the options needed for placing another order.

Click “Copy order details to all”  to copy all the existing information to a new order. This saves your time you spend  entering the same details again and again for similar articles. You can then alter the required options.

Click “Save” to save the details and proceed to the next page.




“CSV Upload” option

If you want to place an order of more than 10 articles use CSV option.

Download the sample file and you just have to fill in the excel sheet and upload it. We will then create the order for you!

Before confirming the order if you wish to make any change, use the symbols in the “Action” column.

Kindly click on “Confirm order” to finalize the details and then do the transaction in the payments page.

Step 4:

Please check your order once again. If you want to make any changes, you can do them here.

After the payment, your bulk order is placed.


Congratulations! You have successfully placed a bulk order.


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