As soon as you place the order, it goes directly to the “In Progress” section.

Once the writer completes the work, the order goes into the “Pending Feedback”  section, where you can suggest changes to the writing or you can accept the work.

Click “Send Feedback To The Writer” option, to send your article to the writer for alteration.

Once you accept your content your order is closed. So please make sure to thoroughly revise the article before confirming it.

 NOTE: Your cannot suggest changes to your order once you accept it.

 Tip:  Changes can be made at most 3 times to the same article.

Please give feedback about the writer once you accept the article. This will help us to improve ourselves and provide the best service.

You can access your article in the “Completed” and “Rate Is Given” section in the contents.


My Timeline For a single order:

You can keep track of all your orders using the timeline.

ORDER NO.  :  A unique order number is give to you to access all your orders.

ORDER TITLE: The name of the order is displayed here.

STATUS: This tells your the  When you place a new order, it gets assigned to a writer and it’s status becomes “In progress”. As soon as the writer finishes his work the status changes to “Pending Feedback”. Once you accept the order it’s status changes to “ Completed”.

ACTION: Various symbols are present here which displays specific information.

- View: Shows all the information we gave to the author for writing the order.

- View attachment: Shows the list of attachments we gave the author to complete the order.

The download symbol() downloads the attachment and the delete symbol() erases the attached file.

- Rate the writer : On clicking this icon a new page opens to write your feedback to the writer.

- View feedback: This option allows us to look into all the feedback we gave to the writer for a particular order.

- View log:  Displays all the activities are done on a particular order by everyone.


My Timeline for bulk order:

ORDER ITEM  NO: Every suborder in a bulk order has a unique order item number. The ORDER NO. for bulk order is the same for all its sub-orders.

ORDER TITLE:  In case of a bulk order the title is displayed for every sub-order.

STATUS: It is the same as that of the single order.

ACTION: For a particular task there are fixed symbols

- View: Shows all the information segregated according to the sub-orders in a table.

- View attachment: Lists all the attachments given to the author corresponding to each sub-order.

- Rate the writer: Clicking this icon opens a new page to write your feedback to the writer for every Suborder.

- View feedback: Displays all the feedbacks given to the writer for every sub order.

- View log:  All the activities performed on a specific suborder by everyone is displayed in the log of the parent order.

View log option for individual sub orders is also available.

- Order details:  This option is exclusively used for a bulk order to display all the suborders inside it.


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