Step 1:  Login to your account

Step 2:  Click “New Order

Step 3:  Page 1 is displayed

Select the type of content you want from the given options. If the required sort is not specified, choose “Miscellaneous”

Step 4: Specify the word count of the article and click on “save & continue”.

Each content type has a default word count of 500 words per article which can be changed according to the need. The cost of the article depends on the number of words at a minimal rate of 0.011$ per word.

The expected due date of the article is displayed at the top of the page along with the price.

The following table shows the estimated delivery date based on the word count.


 Number of words  
 < 1000  1 day
 1001 - 2000  2 days
 2001 - 3000  3 days
 3001 - 4000  4 days
 4001 - 5000  5 days
 5001 - 6000  6 days
 6001 - 7000  7 days
 7001 - 8000  8 days
 8001 - 9000  9 days
 9001 - 9999  10 days


Step 5:  Fill in the details and click “save and continue”

All the necessary information required by the writer to write the article must be given in this page.

Any additional information which is important to the article is conveyed to the writer through the “ additional information” box.

The “ reset” option will erase all the entered information and will provide you with spaces to enter the new information.

The “Go back” choice will take you to the previous page.

Step 6: Confirmation of the article

All the details entered by you are displayed along with the price and delivery date. If modification is needed pressing “ Edit” will take you to the previous page where you can edit your order.

Once you click “Confirm order”, the order is ready to be placed.


All the details along with the Payment option is displayed. After making the payment the order is placed and is assigned to a writer who will then start working on the article.


Congratulations! You have successfully placed a single order.


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