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Sep 19, 2018


John Hall

Chief Quality and Compliance Officer

TAE Aerospace

Amberley QLD Head office



Dear John Hall,

For over the seventeen years in the family business I have been focused on “Business Improvement” across the many facets. The company now turns over $150m and employees over 200 people across Sales, Servicing, Paint and Panel, Parts, Warehousing, Assembly, Marketing, Information Systems, Accounting, Finance, and Facilities. We have license/franchise agreements with four multinational car manufacturers as well as a range of business critical suppliers from Finance / Floorplan, Information Tech, Insurance, and OEM products.


I can confidently say the long-term vision and approach I have implemented has provided the dealership staff with a platform and environment where continuous improvement, achieving commercial benefits and resolving business inefficiencies has been accomplished working with our senior managers across all of the interrelated facets of the organization.


There has been a tremendous change in management approach required to achieve this. The initial implementation in the early days was considerably challenging both structurally and personally. My systems approaches and monitoring aspects of the program are recognized as industry leading by Deloitte, Toyota Motor Corporation and recently John Deere at their national conference.


Toyota Japan selected us as one of 5 dealers nationally to join their international “Lighthouse” program. It was their signature program to implement their TQM / Kaizen approach to the dealership businesses. The tools and techniques from this program rapidly provided the cultural change required to embed the changes that have now sustainably maximized the commercial benefit.


I have been privileged to receive the initial Kaizen training from Toyota’s most senior company directors, senior executives from Japan, a range of consultants, implementers, and trainers. I also got selected for their Graduate Management program which provided further exposure with various factory visits in Japan, as well as visiting other companies that use the “Toyota Way” in non automotive industries.


As, a result of this exposure, the information systems and cultural standards developed, provides a continuously improved environment maintaining performance, optimization, and compliance across Llewellyn Motors Group. This approach spans all occupations of the business from Sales People, technicians, fitters, managers, administrators, senior management and critical external suppliers. It is underpinned by immediate and continuous feedback from our customers.   


Recently the second phase of the “Lighthouse” program has provided training and implementation in further TQM concepts. These seem to be more in line with Six Sigma, and the Kaizen components seem very consistent with the Lean methodologies.


My personal beliefs in these approaches are shared and taken up on several of the boards that I have been asked to join over the years. In particular, the concepts of continuous improvement, visualizations and a cadence of accountability have been taken much into consideration.


This personal exposure has reinforced and guided the culture, systems, and processes in the dealership to the point that is now providing business excellence regarding quality, staff turnover, customer satisfaction and return on investment. Many of the initial systems focused on cost efficiencies and compliance which are now embedded.


For some time I have been looking to apply these learnings in an industry more akin to my background which has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology. I intended to approach TAE informally, as I was preparing to do so I saw this role that was about to close. 


I have had exposure to TAE Aerospace in the local business community both before and after the management buyout with the directors and with our business. It is important to me as I am keen to join a company lead by local and respected people.


I would like to contribute to the further success of the most significant 100% Australian owned aerospace company right here in Ipswich.


As such I would appreciate an interview to see if there is any synergy in my approaches/ experience/ capability and your “Business Improvement Manager” role.


Yours sincerely



Addressing Selection Criteria: Competencies/ Skills/ Experience


Tertiary qualifications

My Master of Education (Computer Based Learning - Adult) was completed on Educational Training Technologies in a commercial context coupled with adult learning theory.


Regarding Science, Technology, Engineering, and defense, my work experience includes :

●       Qantas Airways QUBE implementation and related business units

●       Army Base Enoggera

●       Australian Air Traffic Control

●       GeoChem - Analytical Laboratories and associated high-end analysis equipment

●       Various mining sites and mining processes

●       Boral Bulk Gas Transfer Operations


I have broad base level knowledge across basic electronics, robotics, networking, signal transmission, and digital technologies.


As a teenager, living at the Royal Flying Doctor Base, Mt Isa I explored flying (started by Private Pilots Licence) and the maintenance and engineering facets of the base hanger. 


I hold a current captain and engineering commercial maritime qualification - Coxswain grade 1 near coastal

Practical education in Lean/Programming tools like Six Sigma

Please see covering letter for long-term practical training to similar programs tools such as Six Sigma

Experience and Improvement in business planning

Further to the covering letter other best practice experience includes:

●       Constant Improvement System for national business development processes in the FinTech (QSI) area I was managing

●       I also mentor organizations in the innovation/startup space

●       My approach to business planning is to ensure always that there is a focus on innovation in all aspects of the business

Demonstrated experience in overall support and development of work

At the dealership, we have over 25 business units. Some of these business units have internal customers while several of them have interdependent and competitive external franchise agreements. They all rely on a core set of support services.


All of them have their service levels, efficiency and productivity measures. The measurement of these units has been at the core of the work discussed.


The risk domains are broad and diverse across the business units and managed and monitored from a human, reputation, financial, sustainability and competitive perspectives.  

Work quality and improvement capabilities

The approach of for achieving and maintaining efficiencies is measurement. I use Quality Assurance as a way of “locking in” previously efficiencies as the continuous improvement process looks to improve.


Using this approach we have been able to continuously improve, lock in those improvements and monitor the growth over time by business unit and in some cases by person and role.


The compliance aspects are often embedded in the process and monitored with escalated exception reporting approaches.


Compliance optimization was a focus of several of the modern teaching and competency tracking systems I developed in the VEATT business. These systems had to ensure mines, insurers, Boral Gas and law enforcement that processes are in place to prevent disaster and regulatory exposure. 

Management experience and ability to formulate a change

In all of my roles since 1990’s have always lead the change my area of control.  Examples are:

●       Technological change (VEATT Centre)

●       Structural change (QSI, Llewellyn)

●       Ownership change (VEATT, QSI)

●       Organisational culture change  (Llewellyn's, QSI)

●       Incremental change (Llewellyn)

●       Radical Change (GFC period)

Skills to maintain and develop internal/external communication and relationships

Over time my working relationships have provided myself and my employer with a constant and growing base for business improvement.


It is exemplified by having a network that spans over twenty years and across industries. I can call on these long-term customers, employers, supervisors, supplier business leaders and consultants as there is bi-directional respect for previous work completed, often during periods of intense change and innovation.


In all organizations, I enjoy having a respectful and productive relationship across the organization.


Customer relationships and understanding drives all relationships.


The knowledge base of concepts like Export Control rules and ITAR/EAR

From the preliminary research, I understand the basic premise but will require to further my understanding and happy to do so in my own time.


I see this as a compliance facet to be built into all processes and improvement plans. It will need to be a front of mind consideration when consolidating any improvements that are either based on or drawn from restricted IP covered by these rules.


I also envisage that some innovative process improvements may be restricted with these rules or will need to firewall from other parts of the business.


I am assuming that similar considerations will also apply to compete for OEM’s and the agreements in place to utilize their IP.

Experience and ability for procuring Defence Security Clearance

Having researched the relevant authority, I see no reason why I should not be able to gain clearance.


I have a police check each renewal of my Queensland Government Motor Dealers Licence as well for some of my board positions.

Ability to learn, grow and develop as per the organization

Over my entire work history and in particular with the last 16 years at Llewellyn’s I have always been focused on the commercial reality of my actions and decisions. 


Bringing in external perspectives into the insulated automotive industry has been challenging and rewarding.


Bringing in a different paradigm/perspective provides a catalyst for innovation. I have always enjoyed this part of my roles; I always balance it with an understanding of non-negotiable boundaries. 


I enjoy to understand the team dynamics and to work where I lead aspects of the team goal, but I also take into consideration and appropriate direction from the team.


I have seen first hand both locally, internationally and from a literature perspective the boundless opportunities for a continuous improvement approach.


All challenging environments provide an opportunity for teams to come together for a common goal.




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