Why do schools need to function as think tanks?

Till where this art of mugging would lead us? We all have gone through at least one such incident in our lives where we were put down for using brains and not mugging up. Perfect sentences, sentences mugged up word by word, and not caring about the actual context of something – this is all that today’s education system is about. When we talk about schooling, we immediately connect it with brain development and so the process needs to adhere to the same.

School, an institution which is supposed to grow our mind and make us capable to think and work accordingly is actually making us end up in a rat race. Now, let’s break it down on where the current education system is going wrong.

An absence of logic – how far can it go?

On deeply analyzing the root cause, it can be concluded that the deal is with strict schedules and never-ending syllabus. The current scenario of education system suggests that the teachers become assertive to mug up the concepts rather than taking the time to delve into the details of the same is because they are bound to climb up the ladder of strict schedules.

Adding to it, the absence of technologies in the current mode of education impartment can also be one of the major causes for poor quality education. When we talk about technology, the world has already taken a beat and has reached a superior level, however; the lack of technology in the mode of education is clearly visible.

Let’s skip to the solution part now – How can we depend on technology for a world-class education?

Big Data for Education

A little (or sometimes deep) analysis is followed by statistically sound decision making. To exemplify, consider the case of agriculture. A farmer always ke   eps a check on various parameters such as soil quality, weather conditions, and water holdings etc before putting his efforts. Similarly, a profitable decision making should be backed up by a deep analysis of statistical data. That’s how big data helps in education – it helps students to learn how pattern recognition and decision making require analysis of statistical data which eventually helps them think LOGICALLY.

Using Big Data to Trail a Student’s Activities

While some students find it easy to search for their own passion, there are a whole other lot of students who get rather confused about their talents, interest, and passion. Throughout the span of school years for students, big data technology can help tracking their activities, interests, and scorecards. It, therefore, gets much simpler for a student to figure out what suits them the most.

Not only that, but the advanced Big Data technology also helps to capture where the student is lacking and what part they are facing most difficulties in it. All of that in one package simply makes Big Data a great tool for education.

Cloud Technology for a Revolutionary Change in Education

Cloud Technology has literally made it possible to take the plunge for education without a teacher. Getting an access to resources has become very important these days – all thanks to the internet. Because of which, the world is now more connected than ever. Cloud technology is taking advantage of it and is providing students an access to educational resources – Anytime, anywhere!               

Not only large business organizations and multinationals are depending upon Cloud, the education sector is nowhere behind.

For years, students have been following the same old curriculum and are referring to the same old textbooks. With the advancement of technology, the resources are exponentially increasing while the cost to get access to these resources is eventually getting lesser – the power of internet and connectivity in a true sense.

With plenty of resources being served by the collaboration of Cloud Technology and internet, the students are getting benefited. Not only they can get their access to informative research papers but also are free to contribute their two cents in their respective domains. The cloud technology is not only doing a great job in cost cutting but is also setting up a way of endless opportunities for the next generation.

With numerous online resources available, students don’t only get to access them but can also share a virtual space of interaction with other students who match up with their interest in a specific domain.

Shaping the future of education with AI

Artificial Intelligence is a broader concept from which different sectors are being benefited. One such sector is education. With Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to train the students with a highly advanced virtual tutor – a robot tutor.

Adaptive learning has taken a new pace and more institutions are sticking to it to provide quality education to their students. Artificial intelligence can incorporate adaptive learning by pushing around real-time scenarios for students. With the powerful features of the technology, it is possible to incorporate individual pace for every student and customize a study plan according to the capabilities of students.

Since every student is gifted with his/her own pace, such techniques help better in breaking the ice for them with technology. Artificial Intelligence also helps personalize a meaningful learning experience by delving deep down into the concepts. Also, by playing with the technology during their schooling, students can actually get a hang of these latest trends easily which helps them make good use of the technology in future.

Artificial Intelligence has also gifted the education industry a fast and accurate grading system. This efficiently programmed system can help grade papers in a much lesser turnaround time than what it takes humans to do so. Plus, to talk about the accuracy, the machines are encoded with high-level programming and are designed to give accurate results.

It is about time we make a revolutionary change in the way we choose to gain knowledge. The world is very much ahead of technology and we can’t use conventional methods for education that are certainly much lower as less effective.

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