Statement of Purpose - PhD in Systems and Control Engineering

The following Statement of Purpose presents my desire for pursuing PhD in Systems and Control Engineering in XXXX. My aim and passion are directed to become a qualified educator as well as researcher, I wish to achieve the highest possible level of education and surpass new scope for research by gaining a PhD from XXXX.

I believe that my penchant towards mathematics has been a leading factor in achieving all the milestones of my academic and professional career. I have been awarded the grade ‘A’ in mathematics all through my academia and I always excelled in the subjects closely related to it. In high school I became determined to be an engineer owing to my exemplary performance in physics and mathematics. With this resolution, I applied and got admission into one of the best universities of my country: National Institute of Science & Technology (NUST. I have had an excellent experience being in a place where every student was a miniature version of Einstein, competition was absolutely fierce in NUST. I have worked hard with a lot of dedication in order to continue achieving the best grades possible. I was listed among the best students because of securing top ranks in all the courses consecutively along with a high CGP of 3.88/4.00 and was awarded Commandant’s Plaque of Excellence for my performances each year. The conclusion of my undergrad period is marked with a project in which I was fairly awarded the highest marks and it was acclaimed to be the best final year dissertation in the whole department that time. With my achievements, I am confident in stating that the four years of graduation have provided me with a strong foundation in theoretical as well as practical facets of Electrical Engineering.

The field of Control System appealed to my nature because it is characterized by pure mathematics in a practical form. This interest was fostered when I came across courses like Feedback Control Systems, Microcontrollers and Digital Controls & Applications. I have always strongly dedicated myself enthusiastically in the course projects of these subjects. To name a few: aProgrammable Robotic Arm with the capability of 2D rotational motion. I have had taken part actively in this project and designed essential parts of the robotic arm which was a programmable microcontroller supporting additional circuitry for driving the stepper motors for rotation. Another project was Ball Balancing Beam with a common feedback control system in which the main challenge was to stabilize and control an inherently unstable system. I successfully accomplished the task by designing a PID based control and effectively implementing it using pic microcontroller. Participating in these projects helped me to improve my knowledge level and mindset in the field of Control Engineering. A course in fuzzy logic control was my first exposure in the field of research. The subjects and after being introduced to them, I was drawn towards the fuzzy modeling systems, fuzzy control systems along with decision making on the basis of fuzzy information. My journey in research began with co-authoring the title “Blind De-convolution of blurred images with Fuzzy Size Detection of Point Spread Function” with a publication; its focus is on finding the point spread function dimension of an optical system to abet in blind de-convolution of linearly blurred images. Determining the membership and deriving the inference system have been the challenging parts in Fuzzy logic implementation. I richly contributed my expertise for formulating the membership structure functions and inference system decision rules specifically. These projects accompanied by the publication helped in broadening my perspective and lead my interests in the fascinating realm of research.

In late 2012 after my graduation, I got a job offer as Lab Engineer for working on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) project in the same university. Our team was charged by the Dean for the task of building the lab by acquiring components and initiating the culture of Control System oriented projects at Post-Graduation level. Our project for first in the conjecture. It was based on UAV designing, its capabilities of vertical takeoff & landing, specific rout traversal, & video surveillance. That was the first opportunity for me to apply my knowledge in real life. My management skills were sharpened when I took part in buying & regulating the sophisticated lab equipments. In addition, I acquired firsthand experience in aircraft designing, modeling & control. The complex part, framework fabrication by applying the fundamentals of aero-modeling, intelligently helped me to understand the flight mechanics complexities. Above everything else, my dedication was focused on applying dynamic modeling amalgamated with Matlab/Simulink based simulation to make sure the fabricated model’s feasibility. The faculty member highly admired my part and hence assigned me to coordinate the final year projects related to Analog or Digital Controls. These productive activities helped in intensifying my inquisitive nature for further exploration of designing & controlling system realm.

In 2014, I joined King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) as a Masters Student to level up my studies. I maintained the CGPA of 3.89/4.00 by being persistent in the coursework. The advanced curriculum along with topnotch faculty helped in immensely broadening my knowledge in essential areas such as Optimal Control, System Identification, Process Modeling, etc. At KFUPM, I initiated my research work on Boiler’s operation under supervision of Prof. MoustafaElshafei. The work was associated with my thesis and was interdisciplinary research project with the Mechanical Department. It held extreme practical significance as the boiler systems are excessively used for heat transfer and steam generation in industries. The fuel combustion in boiler poses a pollution threat to environment because of emission of toxic gases, especially oxides of nitrogen. It is required to operate the boiler in most optimal way such that it produces low nitric oxides as well as operate with maximum efficiency. I modeled the efficiency of boiler successfully for the first part of my thesis. The title “Modeling Time Variations of Boiler Efficiency” was originated from this work in the Journal of energy Resources technology.As a second part I developed a unified dynamic model of Boiler Dynamics, Boiler Efficiency and Nitric Oxides emissions and then implemented optimization to maximize boiler efficiency while ensuring that the nitric oxides emission is within a regulatory level, and the dynamics of the boiler are within the safe region. Work on this part was published in Journal of Systems and Control Engineering. Furthermore, I also relished the opportunity of working on theoretical control in specialized areas of Optimal and Robust Control. As I stated that I have peculiar predilection towards mathematics hence,Theoretical control attracts me strongly. In it, the various control techniques are strategized for stabilizing the system & achieving better response out of it. The three well-known control techniques out of several controllers are of sliding mode control, fuzzy logic control and optimal control,  are a lot acclaimed based on their capabilities of robustness, intelligence, & flexible trade-off between output & input. I came up with a notation of “Augmented controller”, which has capabilities of all three controllers. This was successfully implemented on a half car suspension model whose results were quite promising. On this, a comprehensive paper has been submitted to Asian Journal of Control for which I’m awaiting a hopeful feedback.

Furthermore at KFUPM, I got an opportunity to assist an instructor with the grading of an under-graduation course that educated me in numerous aspects for preparing and scrutinizing assignments. In addition, I served as an assistant for collaboration with faculty for assessment and course material preparation for Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).  Working in a close proximity with the International faculty helped me to gain a handy experience on shaping curriculum’s structure which made me realize the necessity of good academic organization and appreciate the teamwork significance in academia. Taking steps ahead while getting involved more and more in projects, I yearn to relish and educate myself once again with your educational institute as it is indispensible in building one’s vision for progressive academic culture along with grooming of the future educators of our generation.

Presently, I’m an employee at Iman Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU) as and Intellectual Property Analyst. This job made me responsible and experienced in analyzing ideas, research and projects for Potential Patent Eligibility, conducting Prior Art Search for investigating the novelty or obviousness of inventions, carrying out intellectual property due diligence, patent application preparation, communication with the clients and patent attorneys, etc. Therefore, to polish these skills I would like to take a step ahead.

My reasons for pursuing studies in the COUNTRY are multifold. First and foremost, the availability of enormous opportunities for competitive research here is surpassing all universities in REGION, which is obvious through several ongoing projects and industrial partnerships. Specifically in XXX department the academic environment is state-of-art research oriented and it represents very well focus on my desired field through the ongoing projects. I found that my research interests deeply match with that of XXXin the area of soft sensing & industrial automation, and XXX in the areas of interconnected control systems and robust control. While it will be a privilege for me to work with any of these honorable professors, I am also ready to explore other fields within the sphere of my general interest in robotics, industrial automation, instrumentation, digital signal processing and process control. Moreover, having a firsthand experience of student life here I undoubtedly state that KFUPM has broadened my thinking and has subsided any blinkered prejudices that might be latent in some part of me. Your university is a confluence of every nationality and race which has helped me to broaden my vision from narrower borders of nationalism to internationalism where overall grooming of personality can be done. These key factors make XXX top priority for me against any European and XXX university. I believe that PhD from XXX is the most decent step for me. My ambition of becoming well-trained Control Systems Engineer with cutting-edge expertise lies here. With XXX I wish to groom myself to contribute richly to modern science and engineering as a creative researcher as well as an active educator.

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