Online Streaming and Webinar's Services

In the digital world, there is a growing demand forthe availability of information and entertainment online. Technology has successfully overcome the limitations of information distribution anywhere, anytime. Online streaming and webinar services are examples to prove this.

1. Webinar Services defined:

Corporate and industries that continuously need to distribute presentations, tutorials, educational videos, seminars, workshops,etc. on the web rely primarily on Webinars or web-based seminars. Webinar services are usually designed to be interactive involving polls, quizzes, and presentations along with audio for engagement.

Benefits of a webinar:

  • Webinars create regular customer engagement.
  • Distribution of information is fast and convenient, most interactively and engagingly.
  • Speakers and audience can bein any part of the world and exchange information.
  • It is highly cost-effective and an excellent method of marketing
  • It can target towards specific customers.

A recent concept of WebRTC came into existence to facilitate Real-Time Communications on the Web. It is an open-source project for high-quality, peer to peer communications via APIs. Currently, it is supported by Mozilla, Google, Android, iOS and Opera browsers. Since the concept uses javascript and HTML5 to embed Communication APIs in the browsers, there is no need to download or install any new software for communication.

Applications: The applications of such innovations are manifold. One such example is the reach of a doctor to its patient from anywhere. He can perform diagnosis and communicate with the patients in real time to give proper prescriptions.

2. Online Streaming defined:

Online streaming services make the availability of entertainment and other videos possible on demand anytime, anywhere. Just like our TV, cable, and satellite broadcast recorded videos on scheduled hours, online streaming makes it possible to watch them at any time using the web. You can view the streaming videos from apps and websites on any smart device. These are paid services,and the availability, content, and prices differ in different places. Examples of such services are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu,etc.

Benefits of Online Streaming:

  • Availability of streaming videos anytime, anywhere is the most significant advantage of online streaming.
  • The services are made available through networks that are typically cloud-based, containing a lot of content and higher availability.
  • The services can be accessed through apps on mobiles and other smart devices conveniently.
  • It gives us the benefit of watching the content of our choice at our convenience.

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