Hire the Right Candidate for Digital Marketing: An Insight for Recruiters

Digital is the future, and there is no doubt about it with digital being the focus, many organizations are now going through the fear of missing out stay ahead of the curve. More organizations are focusing on the digital function within an organization which is supposed to be the principal business driver for the future, but the work towards it starts NOW!

Going Digital is industry agnostic and is vital to all sectors alike.

Some businesses have been successful in the traditional way and have minimal success digitally vs. some companies are born because of digital needs hiring the right talent for the right role is very critical in both the cases.

Hiring the wrong talent in the executive team can setback your company by six months.

If you are looking to hire a candidate in Digital world, you must read this to understand what are the various vertical within digital marketing world and what kind of candidate you should look for the role in question avoiding being cluttered by the buzzwords used on the CV.

A guide to recruiting a digital market candidate

1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media sites to engage potential customers and use them as well as their habits to increase your business. Each Social Media website has its tools and other characteristics which need to be adequately understood to get the maximum benefit. Focusing on a handful of channels to get your brand value up is the most efficient way of social media marketing. The candidate that you are looking at needs to know all this in advance for him or her to eligible for the interview. Put these skills to the test first.

2. Search Engine Optimization

In the world of Google, it is essential to stand out so that your product can be seen. This is the organic growth that you see on an app or the web. The idea behind this is not to be unique but to use optimized keywords which help you appear in the searches most often. The candidate that you are looking for needs to have advanced knowledge of this and must be good at it. SEO is the best way to make the most of your content and marketing to boost your sales anywhere in the world. The candidate must also be aware of the numerous strategies which can be applied to maximize the benefit of SEO and you must look for these qualities in the candidate.

3. Performance Marketing

A candidate with this experience is responsible for all paid marketing efforts and delivering better ROIs on the spends. People in the industry know them with different names. Some of those could be App marketing specialist/ growth hacker/ performance marketer/PPC/ SEM/Programmatic because most of these roles are fundamentally the same and key metrics remain the same. A candidate with paid marketing experience may be a good fit for improving ROIs on the dollar spent and usually has a faster impact compared to other channels.

4. Affiliate Marketing

A candidate with this role is similar to a business development role in the offline world. This individual must be well versed with the digital core metrics and must have ties with multiple brands to drive partnerships and scale to the business after all every business needs strategic alliances at some point or the other.

5. Email Advertisement

Do you know how you look up something on Amazon but not buy it? You must have also noticed that you generally get an email immediately which promotes that very product to you. It is an email advertisement. This type of marketing usually leads to the best possible conversion rates to get you the best possible revenue. The candidate that you are looking to recruit needs to have a good hang of email advertisement since that can considerably boost the revenue that marketing brings to your firm.

6. Content Marketing

Now that you have an idea about where you can market you need to look if the person can provide the correct content for your product and if he or she can sell the product efficiently. You need to check if the candidate can provide a consistent approach to content marketing to ensure that they can do it over a long time and have the potential. The ads need to be able to help you build a rapport with the customers an engage them more to drive up your sales. Check if the candidate can do that.


It is crucial that you bucket the requirements of the business into either of the six verticals within digital after probing. The hiring manager should have a little more clarity of thought, in terms of expectations from the candidate. I would suggest using the following rating scale where each skill has been assigned an appropriate weight.

  • Social Media Marketing: 20%
  • Search engine optimization: 10%
  • Performance Marketing: 30%
  • Affiliate Marketing: 10%
  • Email Marketing: 10%
  • Content Marketing: 20%

Total: 100%

This percentage map where the hiring manager assigns a percentage against each of the six digital verticals and depending on the weight of the vertical, you as a talent manager would know what to look for in the candidates during the pre-screening to reduce the turnaround time in hiring.

I hope this blog was useful for you and stay tuned for more upcoming content.

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