Why Are You Not Succeeding As a Freelance Writer? 15 Common Mistakes in Professional Content Writing

Why Are You Not Succeeding As a Freelance Writer? 15 Common Mistakes in Professional Content Writing

You keep reading that the demand for online content writing services is increasing at a steady rate. But, your freelance content writing profession is going nowhere. It might make you feel frustrated and lost. You might even have second thoughts about this work from home writer jobs.

As a famous saying goes that there is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel, you should not give up hope.  Try to focus and find out your mistakes as a freelance writer.

Here are some common mistakes that new writers might make in freelance content writing:

  1. You have not started writing the blog yet.
  2. You do not try to build a strong social media presence or nurture contacts.
  3. You are apprehensive of pitching clients for content writing projects due to rejection.
  4. You lack confidence and do not tell everyone that you are a freelance writer.
  5. You have not volunteered as a guest blogger on any popular online platform.
  6. You are not able to plan a disciplined work schedule for your content writing profession regularly.
  7. You plan and procrastinate a lot, analyzing things to the point of never taking action.
  8. You neither read regularly nor write every day.
  9. You know ‘what’ you want but have no clue about the ‘how’ of freelance writing.
  10. You have not been able to charge a decent rate for your content writing job.
  11. You are still not paying attention to content writing skills.
  12. You do not the habit of structuring your work and writing down daily, weekly, or monthly goals.
  13. You do not want it enough and have not yet zeroed down on a writing niche.
  14. People around you are influencing your thoughts to rethink about stable salaried jobs.
  15. You are not able to put in the patience and time needed to become a successful freelance writer.

So, start again with a new determination and positive outlook towards your freelance content writer job. There are plenty of platforms where businesses come looking to buy content online.

Keep pitching for the numerous online content writing projects. All the best!

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