What is the role of content writing services in business development?

What is the role of content writing services in business development?

Businesses rely on content writing services for effective marketing. The changing dynamics of content consumption has widened the genres of content writing services. The digital boom has made content writing a lucrative career option. Entire firms are running to outsource high-quality content and digital marketing services. Various genres of content writing, including social media writing, technical writing, blog writing, newsletter writing, and website content writing and others have become extremely important.

How did content evolve over the years?

The shift in the ways of information consumption has led to the change in the content writing industry. To understand this shift, compare the ways you consumed entertainment and news before the internet revolution. The high-speed internet, different social media platforms, and democratization of content to a large extent have made content extremely important.

What fuelled the content writing development over the years?

Google rankings

In 2010, Google slightly modified its policies of search engine optimization. Earlier, keywords stuffing in the content made the rankings higher. After the alteration in systems, Google discouraged the stuffing of keywords in the material. Content writing quality, grammar, length, and research became the new parameters to avail high ranking in organic google search results.

Social media 

Social media is a place where businesses can leverage maximum leads. Facebook page, Instagram page, and customized apps are the new ways of marketing services and products. 99% of the buying and selling businesses promote their services on social media. It's the platform where you can interact with customers and listen to their queries, reviews, and suggestions. Content on social media is the first step to bring the viewer to your business website.


Youtube became a pioneer in video content marketing. 50% of the young audience prefers video content over the emails, newsletters, or blogs. An attractive script with voice over is all your business needs to make an impact. It's a general science claiming sound and vision is always more attractive than written content.

 But, it goes without saying that the root of visual and vision is ultimately a well written impactful script.

Thus, as long as people are interested in videos, businesses will need content writing services to generate compelling explainer, entertainment, and informative videos.

What's going to dominate the content industry?

Videos will remain the most preferred means to market, communicate, and distribute information. Content writing services will surely stay on trend over the years. Hubspot reports reveal around 85% of the businesses already signed up for video marketing services. 59% of the marketers who did not sign up for video marketing in 2019 changed to video marketers in 2020.

The changing paradigms of digital media will correspond with the transformation in the nuances of the content industry. It would be interesting to see writers gaining more power in the era of content dominance.

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