What is Cornerstone Content? What is the Importance of Cornerstone content?

What is Cornerstone Content? What is the Importance of Cornerstone content?

What is Cornerstone Content?

Cornerstone content is the main crux of your website. In simple words, all the most important and the best articles, pages, and posts on your website form your cornerstone content. You want This content to rank highest in search engines to promote your brand.

Cornerstone content generally comprises of long informative content that contains a comprehensive knowledge on a particular topic, including insights from various blog posts. The focus is on providing complete information through the articles rather than selling a product. Though in the end, you want your audience to know about your products, brand, and organization goal.

Importance of Cornerstone Content                                                                    

Evergreen Content or Cornerstone content is the foundation on which you are going to create your online customer base. It is the information that the audience needs to know about your organization so that they can find your website useful and do business with you.

Cornerstone content links the most valuable part of your website content and draws the audience towards them. When you successfully create a correct internal link structure, you not only bring the audience but also take a step further towards your SEO goals. It lets Google know which articles are the most important ones.

A viewer should be able to reach your cornerstone content from the home page of the website. Also, all articles on similar topics should be linked to the cornerstone content. In other words, each new article or post should be linked to the corresponding cornerstone content to ultimately create a site structure that makes Google rank your cornerstone content high in searches.

So, you must choose the cornerstone articles for your website carefully. It must provide complete information about the topic exhibiting your expertise as well as include your target keywords. A set of strong cornerstone content could help you enhance your customer base and build your brand name. You could also take the help of professional content writers and content writing companies that are experts in creating different types of optimized content for websites.

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