Travel Tips: 7 Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling With Pets

Travel Tips: 7 Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling With Pets

You are canceling your travel because you have a pet at home? Keeping a few things in mind, regarding the pet care, you will enjoy a stress free trip. It may look a complicated procedure, but following simple rules, it is quite possible to take your pet on vacations.

If you are traveling by train, airplane, or driving down with your pet, follow these simple guidelines:-

  • Inform the vet about your traveling plans, get a proper check up done for your pet. Complete all the vaccinations and consult pet medications in case of an emergency.

  • Pack your pet's favorite toy, blanket, and food items, so they remain calm in the new surroundings.

  • Carry their leash, Dog Tag, and collar. This helps in locating the dog in case if they get lost at terminals or stations.

  • Carry enough food and water for them, so they remain hydrated. No need to overfeed pets as it may upset their stomach and even make them uneasy. 

  • One needs to carry scoop bags if traveling by train or air. It helps in quick cleaning of the mess created by your pet.

  • Do carry their pet bowls for feeding them water and food.

  • Do carry a latest photo of your pet. In case if you lose your pet, the picture helps in identification.

If You Are Travelling By Train

You can carry your pet either in the First Class AC compartment or luggage van with payment of additional fees. Contact the Parcel Office and book accommodation for your dog two days before the journey starts. Follow all the railway's regulations.

If You Are Opting For Airlines

Before booking your pet in an airline, do check if the airline accommodates the pets or not. Keep valid health and rabies vaccination certificates ready as proof that your pet is fit for traveling. The pet must be properly carried in ventilated bags or kennel. Go through all the pet rules and regulations.

If you are Driving Down

Before starting the journey, make sure that your pet is exhausted and relieved. Your car should be equipped with a dog seat belt, so they don't lose balance with sudden jerks.

In the end, do remember to have fun with your trip. Allow your furry ones to explore and enjoy the new surroundings.

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