Top 4 SEO tips for Content Marketing

Top 4 SEO tips for Content Marketing

Content marketing is about communicating your business. Reaching the right eyes is important to achieve higher sales targets. SEO or Search engine optimization, on the other hand, is a tool to strategically drive maximum traffic to your website. Content marketing can be done in many ways. Email marketing, PPC(Pay per click), and social media marketing are a few general ways we use to do content marketing. Here we have curated 5 top SEO tips for Content Marketing: 

  1. Get into the shoes of the buyer or viewer 

Let's suppose you are a health -tech startup. The idea of your business is to provide medically approved advice, consultant, and information to your target audience. Now, you can get 1000 articles done but without proper keywords and SEO, it won't make any sense. Also, if you do not use inbound linking then the viewer might just jump from your website without relevant information. Suppose you are searching for a health condition "common flu". In that case, you need to link the general info of the health condition to other relevant pages on your website. For "common flu" you need to link symptoms, cure, diagnosis, and medicine webpage. Following this pattern of inbound linking, you can get maximum viewers to get relevant information. 

 2.  Catchy taglines and long-tail keywords

Most of the time even users don't know what they are looking for. So, it's better to include long-tail keywords in the content that you use. Catchy taglines that compel action is also a major part of the content marketing process. 

 3. Hiring writers backed up by credentials

Generally, people believe that content writing is a handy job. It doesn't require any expertise or credential. But, expertise certainly helps in creating well researched and valuable content. Credentials and degrees are very underestimated. Especially, the cooler generation is highly inspired by the dropout tradition. But, that doesn't shadow the fact that knowledge is necessary to write and excel. The capability to research is an art that you learn when you study and have authentic credentials. Hiring credential strong writers certainly adds value to content and brand. 

 4. Choose a smart form of content

Which is a better form of content a lengthy content or short content? 

It's important to grasp the platform interaction and the purpose of publishing content. A very lengthy article with lot of information can make you dull and non-approachable in online media. It's important to decide whether you want to inform or you want to promote it. Content quality, language, and length depend on the purpose.

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