Learn 8 Interesting Folk Art Forms Of India

Learn 8 Interesting Folk Art Forms Of India

If you are an art lover, then India is a place to explore. The land is full of various folk art paintings that have evolved with time by adapting to new colors and materials but still untouched by modernization. These folk art forms are still practiced in selected parts of India.

It is also known as Mithila art. It is the most popular Indian folk arts, practiced mostly by women. Characterized by geometric patterns, these paintings or wall murals depict various gods, flora, and fauna.

Miniature Paintings
Originated during the Mughal era, the miniature paintings are full of intricate details and acute expressions. The paintings depict religious symbols, and epics mostly have human figures in it.

It is a religious form of scroll painting depicting folk deities. It is largely painted on a 30- or 15 feet-long canvas or cloth. The vegetable colors are used on a running narrative of the lives and heroic deeds of deities.

Worli is also the oldest art forms of India. One can see circles, triangles, and squares, forming numerous shapes and describe daily life activities like hunting, fishing, festivals, dance, etc. The painting is done on red ochre or dark background, while all shapes are in white.

The bold, vibrantly colored paintings mainly represent flora and fauna. The colors used in it are charcoal, cow dung, leaves, and colored soil. The picture is made up of dots and lines.

It is also known as “drawing with a pen,” a free-flowing art with a pen on fabric. Now it is done on sarees and ethnic clothing, representing flora and fauna to epics such as Mahabharata or Ramayana.

The panel paintings on wooden plank depict devotion to gods, goddesses, and saints. It’s easily identified because of gold foil, which glitters and gives the picture a surreal look.

It is an ancient art form with a massive influence of Mughal era. With sharp, angular bold lines, these cloth-based scroll paintings portray epics, Gods, and Goddesses.

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