How to write SEO optimized articles: Beginner’s Guide for SEO content writers

How to write SEO optimized articles: Beginner’s Guide for SEO content writers

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content is one of the most used jargons these days in the field of search marketing, content marketing and strategy. SEO refers to search engine optimisation. SEO content refers to the various forms of content which allows you to boost the rating of a particular website so that it can be easily found out by the online customers through the help of notable search engines like Google. 

Types of SEO content :

Any content that enriches your website is SEO content. It can include any of the following.

  • SEO optimized Product pages: These are unarguably the mainstay of retail or e-commerce platforms.
  • SEO optimized Blogs : Blogs are one of the most efficient ways to direct online traffic to your website. Blog posts build tremendous engagement and therefore enable you to boost the rankings of your website easily. 
  • SEO optimized Articles : Featured articles, news, interviews etc. form the bulk of content for magazine or newspaper-based websites.
  • Lists : Those articles which have a list of products or services are easier to scan by the search engines.
  • Guides : The longer pieces of content which explain how to do certain things in detail are called guides. With few nifty tricks, guides are extremely useful to generate leads.
  • SEO optimized Videos : Since there are fewer number of videos available on the first pages of search engines, the ones which are created based on a competitive keyword are likely to engage more online audiences. 
  • Infographics : These can be defined as large-format images with data, links, graphs, charts etc. which can considerably affect your page views. They are also easy on the eye and immensely presentable forms of content.
  • Slideshows : Slideshows present content in the form of an array of pictures, texts and the like and hence it can significantly boost your website traffic if done correctly.
  • Glossaries : A well curated glossary can be an extremely effective way to boost your search engine traffic if your website tends to a specific industrial sector.
  • Directories : Directories contain useful links to sites and relevant resources surrounding a given topic.

Tips to attract Search Engine Traffic through your content : 

Here is providing you with a few relevant and super-effective tips to make your content SEO friendly. 

  • SEO Keyword Research: You have to do your keyword research correctly in order to develop a keyword niche. In this way, you could be aware of the volumes of internet traffic that each keyword attracts. Therefore, you can efficiently increase the online traffic to your website. 
  • SEO Keyword Optimisation : There are few known ways to boost your website ranking and search engine traffic by the proper placement of the keywords that you intend to use in your content. 
  • SEO Organisation of Content : This is an extremely useful way that helps in providing a logical structure to your site. This is also undoubtedly good for SEO.
  • SEO Content promotion : One of the most essential strategies is to promote your website content properly. You could promote them in relevant social media platforms, use advertisements and even link your content externally and internally. 

Finally it should be borne in mind that the content that you create for your website should not only be SEO friendly, but also generate a good conversion rate. If your content is flimsy and primarily focuses on the number of hits or the ranking rather than being of use to the audience, it could potentially damage your website rankings.

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