How To Get The Perfect Mix Of Content Creativity and SEO in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

How To Get The Perfect Mix Of Content Creativity and SEO in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Some Content writers complain that creativity in the content often suffers due to SEO. While SEO experts feel that SEO should get prevalence over creativity in material as it has a significant effect on online visibility. But, the truth is that the success of a content marketing strategy lies in a perfect blend of SEO and creativity.

All content writers must have basic SEO knowledge, most importantly the three skills of SEO writing

  • Finding relevant keywords
  • Formatting articles for SEO
  • Creating well-optimized metadata

The above is not just SEO oriented, but the three skills form an essential subskill set of a professional content writer. Keyword research forms the base of any online content, while format plays a significant role in improving the structure of your write up as well.

Your created content is enhanced when you format your articles for SEO with the help of appropriate headers, bullet points, charts, etc.  

Your content should be SEO optimized as well as well researched and informative. Whatever you are writing for an online audience should strike a right chord with them. Yes, you need to take the help of SEO techniques to increase visibility. But a great combination of both will boost your traffic and improve SERPs. 

  • Firstly, your catchy headline should also satisfy all the SEO needs of H2 headlines.
  • Headings of the parts containing key concepts should be SEO optimized
  • The last header should contain the keyword compulsorily
  • Remember the rules are not equally applicable for all content
  • Add images with tags
  • Your content should have a continuous flow of thoughts

Now, every writer has his style of writing content. Even if he adheres to SEO needs, it will not kill his creativity if he balances it well. An expert content writer is free to use his creativity within the SEO framework.

There is plenty of scope with practical writer skills and the power of research in your hand. Practice backed by adequate knowledge will help you prepare the perfect winning recipe in the field of content writing.

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