How To Fight Anxiety And Isolation During Coronavirus-Covid-19 Lockdown

How To Fight Anxiety And Isolation During Coronavirus-Covid-19 Lockdown

The article will help you to remove all your worries and allow you to remain positive during troublesome Corona virus Covid19 times. It's important to start every day with a new outlook and rigorous energy. Be productive and carry out your daily routine while gradually removing every inch of negativity from the body.

World Health Organization has declared the COVID-19 outbreak as a global pandemic. People across the globe are dying, and the number is increasing every day. Through fearful times, many of us, even though not infected by the virus has decided to stay quarantine in homes for a few weeks.

During this quarantine time, the mind begins to play tricks. We may fear indefinite isolation, worry about scarce resources, or agonize about the uncertainty of the future, and the remaining energy drains out while checking the overloaded information over the net. The above combination makes a perfect blend of mounting unchecked anxiety and feelings of isolation. So what to do to keep our nerves calm and in check?

  • Firstly, reassure yourself that "I am not stuck in the situation" instead, "Let me focus on things I ignored for so long." It will help you to focus on valuable things like family, home, friends, and being one with self and nature.

  • Secondly, yourself that the situation is not going to be forever. Keep up with your daily routine, slight changes as per your convenience is also excellent. Involve yourself in work, be it office work, household work, or any pending project which needed your attention and got ignored for a longer time.

  • Thirdly keep yourself updated with the Corona Virus news, but don't get over obsessed. It's okay to check morning or evening headlines, but getting obsessed over intensive coverage may add to your worries.

  • Fourthly keep a peaceful atmosphere in the house. Avoid heated arguments or discussions. Try to keep your temper in control.

Do keep in mind God has pressed the pause button, so we take a break from our Robotic life. It's time to reboot our life with a positive outlook.

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