Creative Content Writing: How to Write Speech Content to Hook Your Audience in 60 Seconds?

Creative Content Writing: How to Write Speech Content to Hook Your Audience in 60 Seconds?

How you introduce yourself and your topic is crucial in any public speaking. Whether it is a speech in front of a large crowd or a presentation in a board room, the opening sentences are essential to forming great first impressions.

The first impression happens in approximately the initial 30 to 60 seconds of your speech. You will either gain or lose the attention of the audience in the crucial first few seconds. So, it is vital to have a gripping content as your introduction in public speaking.

Every individual sitting in the audience wants your speech to excite or thrill them in some way. It is true even for the board room presentation. It is what is the art of public speaking, that transport the audience to a different place through the discourse.

The introduction of speech writing should convince the people that whatever you are going to say is worth listening to. You could use a prop, a quotation, or a question to open your address. A great way to entice the audience is when you offer them a story in the first few lines.

Steve Job’s historic ‘Commencement Address at Stanford in 2005’ is an excellent example of beginning with a story. When he said he has three stories for the audience, all of the people listening to him were hooked to his speech. He compelled the audience to give him their time and attention. Who does not want to hear three stories about the Great Steve Jobs, that too from the legend himself!

As a content writer creating a speech, you should begin with researching the audience, the setting, and what the speaker wants to convey through his speech. Speech writing is the Science that forms the base of the art of public speaking.

The Science of creating content for public speaking is backed by research followed by experimenting. Use what you think will thrill your audience and suit your speech content. It could be a poem, shocking statistics from white paper, or even a song lyric. Try it on your friends or family to zero down on the best alternative.

The bottom line is that the introduction of your speech content should be worthy of your audience so that they feel that your speech is worth their time and attention.

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