Content Writing Types: Most popular Content / Articles Types writing for good income

Content Writing Types: Most popular Content / Articles Types writing for good income

Choosing the right kind of content writing company would mean the make or break of any marketing campaign.  It is important to understand the needs before committing to hiring a regular content writing company

The role of the content writer in a content writing company is to create matter in different niches.  With the typical company having to deal in several topics it takes a special something to stand out in the chosen category.  A well targeted content in the marketing field is half the work done and this points to the very importance of the writer and the content writing company chosen.

Listed out below are some of the fascinating areas of content writing and it would be helpful to those intending to use content but are not sure of the different categories and scales of application.

  1. Technical Writer

The prime role of the technical content writer is to produce material that could be free of technical jargon and something that could be understood by the common person.  Most technical writing involves strong use of terms and words and it is the good writer that can remove the mysteries surrounding these.  It is not all writing companies that employ technical writers and thus it must be seen as a niche area in its totality.

  1. Content used for SEO

The content writing company when using content to rank a website high on the SERPs; the content must meet the criteria set out for optimization purposes.  Google and the rest of the search engines have set forward certain criteria for the content to be reached out to by crawlers. The content writer must make out a presentable write up while at the same time adhering to the needs of the optimization. 

  1. Instructional Design

This type of writing is meant for instructional purposes to teach subjects and topics to people. The writing must be simple enough to be understood while at the same time retaining the key set of information at each instance. 

  1. Press Release

A press release is used to announce news or information to the customers.  These days, the content writing company releases a e-press release that automatically places the news on the major online channels. 

  1. Ghostwriting

Here the content writer gets to write material for the marketing, but the credit goes to someone else who usually has the writer on hire.  This could be seen as a specialized writing services on offer to those people that do not have the necessary skills to write out a proper well targeted copy. 

  1. Guest Posting

This is a method of link building used with SEO.  The author gets to write a guest post with back links to the main website thus enabling the creation of fresh content most of the time.  It has been seen that it is possible to create some of the highest quality of links with guest posting.

  1. Professional Business Writer

The role of the content writing company here is to create matter that corresponds to the standards that businesses are accustomed to. Not only must the content in this case be coherent, but powerful enough to stand out when read out by the target customer.

  1. Social Media Writer

If ever there was an upcoming field in marketing of products and services, then it has to be the greater role played by the social media.  This is one area where the companies must make the most impact in the least possible time available.


The quality of the content in turn reflects on the business concern that is using the services of the content writing company. This makes it even more important to have just the right talent handle the said writing as far as possible. It needs mention that most writing needs have budgetary concerns as well. Thus, it is a fine balancing act that the digital marketing folks need to pay heed to. 

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